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Guide to working with the City 

Get Ready to Work

Find everything you need to make sure your business is ready to work with the city.

Register as a Vendor

Businesses entering into a contract with the City should request to become a vendor.

Bid and Contract Opportunities

If you are a consultant, service provider, contractor, vendor, or supplier, this is a convenient place for you to find out about current bidding and contract opportunities. If you have additional questions about current or closed solicitations, please contact the issuing department. To become a bidder on an upcoming opportunity, please fill out the form.

City of Tuscaloosa Bids and Requests for Proposals

Search historical and upcoming bid opportunities and find out more about becoming a subcontractor for larger businesses.

Attend Pre-Bid Meeting

For larger projects and contracts, the City requires prospective bidders to attend a pre-bid meeting.

At the pre-bid meeting, a representative from the relevant agency will share information about the project requirements, timeline, and proposal. This meeting is your opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

Even if you decide not to bid on a particular project, pre-bid meetings are a great place to make connections and meet potential partners.

Explore Partnering and Subcontracting

Becoming a subcontractor can help you experience what it’s like to work on a government contract.

Find the Right Partner

Partnering with another firm is a great way to grow your business and expand your capabilities. If you’re just starting out, a subcontracting partnership can help you improve your business management and other industry-specific skills.

Find a Prime Contractor to Work With

Lack of experience and certain certifications may disqualify some smaller firms from bidding on larger government contracts. However, for certain bids, the City requires that larger contractors partner with small firms in order to promote local businesses and ensure a more equal playing field.

In order to facilitate these partnerships, the City and its partners hold programming that may help you connect with a prime contractor. If you are interested in attending one of these events, contact Tuscaloosa’s Business Opportunity Program at

Read the Bid Package Carefully

Carefully read the instructions to bidders and all the bid documents in their entirety, making certain you understand when, how and exactly what you need to submit to the City when you submit a bid or give the City a proposal. Review any insurance and bonding requirements that may be required.

Prepare a Proposal Outline

After rereading the bid package, prepare a plan for how you will build your proposal. The proposal should be well formatted and address all required details.

Submit your Bid

It’s finally time to submit your bid! Before your submission, create a checklist of all requirements, and have a fresh pair of eyes review your proposal for mistakes or missing information.

Once you have ensured that your final proposal meets the submission requirements, implement your plan and submit your proposal.


The Alabama Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) is a good resource to increase your odds of success on future bids.