Formalizing a business involves the process of legally establishing and structuring your business. This can include selecting a legal structure with the Alabama Secretary of State’s office. This process may also involve adhering to tax requirements and implementing other measures based on the nature and scale of the business.  

Decide Legal Structure 

Financial, tax, and legal obligations are impacted by the legal structure of the business entity. Speak with your legal advisor to determine the best structure for your business. The Small Business Administration is a great resource for learning more about possible legal structures for your business. 

Register your business name

While registering your legal structure with Alabama Secretary of State’s office is one way to conduct business, the City of Tuscaloosa offers numerous ways to do business.  

You can also be the sole proprietor without registering a legal structure with the Secretary of State’s Office. However, if you operate under a trade name, you will need to confirm availability of the name using the Secretary of State’s website found here