All businesses operating in the City of Tuscaloosa must obtain specific local permits and licenses that are dependent on the type of business activity.  

Business License

business license is required to operate a business within the City of Tuscaloosa or its Police Jurisdiction. Generally speaking, the Police Jurisdiction is the three-mile area that extends past the City Limits of Tuscaloosa but not into the jurisdiction of another city. Obtaining a business license begins with submitting your application. Once your application is submitted, your business location will need to be approved through our code compliance process. This allows applicable departments to ensure that your selected location meets all of the necessary requirements. 

Alcohol license

Businesses electing to sell alcoholic beverages must obtain an alcohol license through the City of Tuscaloosa’s Accounting & Finance, Revenue division. The Revenue division can be reached at (205) 248-5200 or by email at revenueoffice@tuscaloosa.com. 

Building and Code Permits

The City of Tuscaloosa Office of Urban Development provides a central location for information on development plan review, permitting, and inspections. Please call (205) 248-5311 for more information.